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Magnum Tank
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"Our" Tank Makes The Drip Consistent

Exclusive Center Draw Oil Feed
Nearly Eliminates Contamination

One Gallon Sediment Sump

11 Gal. Poly, UV Resistant Tank

Automatic Water Pressure Activated Valve (optional)

Easy Hookup - Unit Comes Complete


70% of the irrigation pump failures are due to oil starvation!


We'll Save You Thousands Of  $$  And Costly Down Time

   Magnum Mfg. has developed the first dripper system that will reduce dripper failure significantly. This eleven gallon reservoir has a one gallon cone sump with a usable capacity of ten gallons. 
    The sump allows contaminates to settle below the draw tube and be drained through the drain cock in the bottom of the cone. By drawing the oil from the center of the tank the oil itself is used as insulation keeping the viscosity more constant, and nearly eliminating contamination into the dripper, and bearings.
    By having the capacity to run a full season (Depending on length of season and drip rate.), you eliminate constant disruption of the settlings. Leave those messy oil cans in the shop, not rolling around in the pickup. A large fill opening makes pouring easy and spills unnecessary. The natural color poly tank lets you check oil level without opening the lid.

Magnum Manufacturing, LLC
Mike "Woody"  Woodhead
416 E. Denver St., PO Box 471
Holyoke, Colorado 80734
970-854-2383   /   888-748-3374





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